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Monday, April 16, 2012

Game 8: Schneider starts against LHP, Phils score 0 runs (3-5)

The Phils were shut out by Jonathan Niese and the Mets on Saturday by a score of 5-0.

Only one complaint for the manager in this one: If Brian Schneider is Vance Worley's personal catcher (which he is -- Worley has pitched at least 15 consecutive games to Schneider, but the Phils deny that he is a "personal catcher"), then Worley shouldn't ever pitch against a LHP. Schneider is worse than Greg Dobbs against LHPs, and with Freddy Galvis in the lineup, you could make a legitimite case for Worley batting 7th.

Shockingly, Schneider did not reach base against Niese. This did not cost them the game, but when you have an anemic lineup, you can't be forfeiting at-bats before the game even starts.

All it takes is one injury to create a scenario where Worley is forced into a post-season start. Of course Manuel would telegraph his pitching rotation, which would allow the opposing manager to stagger his rotation so that a lefty faces Worley.

Mike Pelfrey was Sunday's starter, and he is significantly better against RHBs than lefties. This was an obvious spot for Manuel to start Ruiz against Niese and Schneider against Pelfrey, but, of course, scoring runs is less important than Worley's preference in catcher.

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