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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Game 7: Phils lose opener to Mets (3-4)

Charlie trotted out a respectable lineup last night (all things considered). Ideally, I wouldn't have Polanco batting 2nd, but if that's my biggest complaint of the night then I guess it's okay.

I've noticed a trend here over the last couple of seasons; when the opposing team beats the Phillies starter, it's much more likely that there's not much to complain about with regards to the manager. If the pitching changes are required with the Phillies down, there's usually less crucial decisions to be made and less to complain about because it's harder to mess things up.

Cliff Lee just didn't have his best outing last night, and with a pretty feeble lineup, the Phillies just couldn't do much against the knuckle-baller. Kendrick and Savery were called in for mop-up duty in the 8th and 9th innings.

The Phillies try to get back to .500 this afternoon as Vance Worley takes the mound against Jonathon Niese.


hk said...

1. Have you accepted that Chooch, the team leader in OBP, is batting 7th? To me, it at least deserves a mention.

2. In the off-season, I think you posted a quote from Charlie in which he stated something to the effect of that he wants his hitters to hit, not walk. Was that you? If so, what was the quote? Apparently, they are following this brilliant strategy, walking 13 times in 8 games. It sure is fun to watch this team try to score runs without taking any BB's or hitting any XBH's. Basically, our approach has turned every opposing pitcher into Roy Halladay (K/BB > 4).

3. When the Phils signed Papelbon at an AAV of $12.5M, you claimed you were okay with it as long as it didn't effect any other moves they made. Do you still believe that the bargain basement Wigginton, Nix, Thome, Qualls, Pierre, Willis, Pineiro, Fontenot, etc. acquisitions were made solely because those were the players RAJ coveted or do you now believe that the Papelbon signing led RAJ to fill out the roster by shopping at the baseball equivalent of Five Below?

Scott Graham said...


1. I don't like Ruiz batting so low, and Mr. Musser has commented about that a few times. I guess I haven't commented on it because he has, and I have lost hope about Manuel making a change. I think he should bat higher in this anemic lineup.

2. Andy posted about that. It's about halfway down the page -

"We're going to talk about how to hit in the count and when to take and when not to. We're not talking about walks. We don't teach nobody to walk. Hitting is offense."

3. I don't know how to judge it. Obviously it's ridiculous to pay a closer that much money if you're going to neglect offense. However, I don't know what the Phillies plan was. At this point, I'd certainly say that if their plan was to spend X amount of dollars, and they spent most of it on a closer because they thought it was important, then I'm furious with their strategy.

I'm not really sure who you think they would have signed. There were a lot of "locks" for position players. Victorino, Pence, Polanco, Rollins, and Ruiz weren't going anywhere. I don't think they wanted to make huge investments in 1B or 2B (what options were there?) since they probably hope Howard and Utley (huge contracts) will play this season. That leaves LF. I'm fine if John Mayberry gets a chance, but I'd also be fine if they went out and got someone.

Who would you like to have seen them go after? I know you mentioned this before, but I'm not in full out Phillies mode yet with the Orange and Black across the street.

Andy Musser said...

Michael Cuddyer would have been cheaper and more valuable than Papelbon.

Scott Graham said...

As a 1B/LF option I'm guessing?

hk said...

I preferred Jason Kubel, Ryan Doumit and Wilson Betemit, all of whom have much better career wOBA's vs. RHP's than Laynce Nix. I am 50/50 on whether the $16M for 2 years that Arizona is paying Kubel is too much, but I would have jumped at the combination of Doumit to play (not well) 1B and OF and to serve as a 3rd C and Betemit to play 1B and 3B. Doumit got $3M for 1 year and Betemit got $3.6M for 2 years.

Scott Graham said...

Fair enough. Yea, I guess I'm not angry enough that the Phillies front office isn't as saavy as I'd like.