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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Game 5: Phils cruise to victory after blown call (2-3)

With Roy Halladay as your pitcher, if you score 5 runs in a given inning, you're probably going to win.

The Phils were trailing 1-0 last night heading into the bottom the 3rd inning. With nobody on base and 1 out, Juan Pierre (who shouldn't even be the starting left fielder, let alone the leadoff hitter) singled. He then stole second, even though he was tagged before reaching the base. The blown call allowed the Phils to pile 5 runs on the Marlins in the 3rd inning, more than enough for Halladay, who pitched 7 innings en route to a 7-1 Phils' victory.

Had the second base umpire correctly ruled Pierre out, the Phillies probably score zero runs in the inning. The Phillies now have three innings this season in which they've scored more than one run: the first was in Pittsburgh on Sunday, and the only reason why they scored at all in that inning was because Galvis's sacrifice bunt turned into a 2-base error, with the Pirates recording zero outs on the play. If they executed basic bunt defense, the Phils probably score zero runs in the inning.

The other two-run inning this season was in Monday's home opener, due to Galvis's 2-run double in the 7th inning.

So, out of the three 2-run innings the Phils have managed this season, exactly one is legitimite. In other words, if the Pirates throw Galvis out on the bunt and Pierre is called out last night, their run total for the season could very well be 8 (eight!).

If the Phillies had an adequate strategist assisting the manager (Jimy Williams) or, god forbid, an adequate manager, I would have much more confidence in this team's ability to overcome dreadful offensive performance. But, since this organization repeatedly tells its fanbase that Juan Pierre is the best option to hit first (when there are about 10 better options) and play left field (when Domonic Brown's talent is being wasted in Allentown), I'm not getting my hopes up.

Tonight, the Phillies go for the series win when Big Joe Blanton takes on LHP Mark Buehrle at 7:05 pm.

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