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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Game 20: Manuel needs to fix this lineup (9-11)

Friday night, LHP Paul Maholm started for the Chicago Cubs.We've established that Juan Pierre has reverse splits, so starting him against a LHP isn't terrible until you bat him lead off, and play him over John Mayberry Jr., who crushes LHP.  Batting 2nd was Placido Polanco, or the current equivalent of Wilson Valdez/Freddy Galvis.  Shane Victorino batting 5th.  Victorino is one of the Phillies best hitters against LHP (power and on-base skills), and batting him behind Pierre and Polanco is unacceptable.  Oh yea, Ruiz batted 7th again.

As far as in-game managerial decisions, there's not a lot of complaints for Manuel.  Halladay went 7 innings, and was trailing by 3 runs when Charlie used JMJ to pinch hit for Halladay.  Manuel used Antonio Bastardo to pitch to a few hitters in the 8th before giving the ball to Michael Schwimer to face RHB Alfonso Soriano.
However, Manuel let Schwimer come out for the 9th inning with the Phillies only down 2 runs.  While I won't rip Manuel's head off for the decision, I'd probably like to see him try and protect a 2 run deficit a little better in the future especially with Victorino, Wigginton, and Ruiz due up in the following inning.

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