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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Game 17: Surprise, Surprise: Kyle Kendrick Isn't Good At Pitching (7-10)

I think that Matt Swartz put it best when he tweeted: "If Kyle Kendrick's luck had come in a different order, he would never have been given this much rope.  This is 5 years based on a couple months."

Kyle Kendrick isn't a good major league pitcher despite what his first season's stats might suggest.  He doesn't induce many swings and misses, which doesn't really bode well for MLB pitchers.  It's hard to get angry with the guy - he's just not good.  He's done whatever the Phillies have asked of him over the last 5 seasons, so when they asked him to fill in for Cliff Lee (who is on the DL), that's just what he did.  He's just not good enough to be in the rotation for the long-haul, and let's hope he doesn't need to be.

Last night's game doesn't provide much in terms of complaints for the manager.  Kendrick was pretty bad, and not too much strategy was necessary for the game.  By the time pitching changes were necessary, the game didn't really matter, so he was off the hook.  However, one thing to note was that Carlos Ruiz crept up one spot in the lineup batting 6th last night ahead of John Mayberry.  Despite how Mr. Musser and I call for Ruiz to bat higher in the order, I'm not exactly sure how much we'd agree with him batting in front of Mayberry against a LHP.  In 120 PAs last season, JMJ put up a .953 OPS against lefties.  Ruiz has a career OPS of .784 vs. LHP.  So, while it's interesting that Ruiz has been given the nod in a way, I can't help but feel it's because of an (seeming) overreaction to Mayberry's slow start this season.

Tonight, Vance Worley takes on Josh Collmenter at 9:40 PM EST.  

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