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Monday, April 23, 2012

Game 16: Phils drop finale to San Diego (7-9)

The Phillies lost game 4 of their series yesterday afternoon when RHP Anthony Bass outpitched Joe Blanton, giving the Padres a 6-1 victory.

It is time for Ruiz to consistently be batting ahead of Wigginton and Pierre, but he continues to bat 7th in this order. He led the team in OBP last year and always has a high walk rate, yet the only reason he's not still batting 8th is because of Utely's injury.

This is not to say that it would make any difference right now (their offense is so bad that the order wouldn't have helped these past few days), but the manager isn't helping any more than the lineup itself.

Tonight the Phils travel to Arizona as Kyle Kendrick faces LHP Wade Miley at 9:40 pm.

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