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Friday, April 20, 2012

Game 13: Manuel uses strange lineup against RHP, Phils win (6-7)

Vance Worley dominated the withered lineup that calls itself the San Diego Padres last night, pitching 7 scoreless innings in the 2-0 victory. Chad Qualls and Jonathan Papelbon each pitched a scoreless inning to shut down the game.

No complaints for Manuel tonight; I was prepared to criticize his lineup against RHP Joe Wieland (making only his second MLB start), but a quick glance at his minor league splits reveal that Wieland has been more effective against LHBs in recent years than RHBs. Whether this was Manuel's motivation for starting Carlos Ruiz (even though Worley almost always pitches to Brian Schneider) is clearly up for debate, but at least the RHBs (Mayberry started instead of Nix) weren't a liability.

However, the fact that Worley set his career high in strikeouts on a night where he wasn't using his personal catcher only further underscores the idiocy of starting Brian Schneider against LHP Jon Niese on Saturday.

Tonight the Phils look to win their 13th consecutive game at Petco Park when Cole Hamels takes on RHP Edinson Volquez at 10:05pm.

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