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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Peter Laviolette isn't all that different from me

My apologies for the sparse posting on our part during the off-season.

I'm not too sure I've made it known on here, but I'm a pretty huge Flyers fan. The level of my interest in the Flyers rivals my love for the Phillies, so this winter should prove to provide me with a lot of enjoyment. I've basically been in love with Claude Giroux since his first game on the Flyers when he wore #56. I've been wondering if he chose that number because it's a multiple of 28. Needless to say, I've been into the HBO 24/7 program that follows the Flyers. Whether it's been HBO lauding Claude Giroux/following his recovery from the concussion, highlighting the insanity of Ilya Bryzgalov, or giving insight into the type of coach that Peter Laviolette is, I've been enjoying the show immensely (sans the Avery segments).

Peter Laviolette has shown that he's a pretty good motivator, but it's some of the other segments that have endeared me to him even more. His interaction with Steve Ott was incredible. He shoved an NHL player and told him to go F*** himself. Incredible. HBO showed him really giving it to the referees in Montreal. I've always wanted a Philadelphia coach to share the animosity that I have for officials. They're just awful. I'm sure their jobs are hard, but some of the calls that they make or miss are just inexcusable. Laviolette let the referee know that he missed a trip against Jagr, and didn't cease until he was finally in the locker room. What absolutely sealed my hatred for officials was when the referee who called a boarding (?) penalty on Talbot immediately admitted to him that it was a bad call, and that he was just adding up slight infractions that Talbot was committing during his shift. Really? Really? This was made public on HBO, and if that referee still has a job, then I guess Mike Pereira is the head of NHL officials as well.

Way to go Lavy.


Anonymous said...

He is very different. He is awesome and you suck.

Scott Graham said...

Happy New Year!

hk said...

I agree. Laviolette is great, regardless of whether he's dealing with his players, the refs or the media (or even dropping F-bombs on Steve Ott as he dismissed him on the way to the locker room). How he handled the 6-0 loss to Boston was classic...let it burn, but get over it.

As a long time Flyers fan and current season ticket holder, I have enjoyed everything about 24/7. I have even gained some respect for the Rangers and even their coach, who I despised from afar prior to the airing of the show.

hk said...


My 11 year old son wants to know why you don't have a blog called Andy's Reid. I told him you would have to call it Andy's MisReid.

Scott Graham said...

I think it's hilarious that your 11 year old son came up with that. However, if we started that blog, we'd just be writing that Andy needs to do a better job putting his players in a position to win the games week after week. Come to think of it, that's not unlike what we do now (misuse of bullpen at least 4 days a week). I'll get on it.