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Monday, November 21, 2011

Is Mike Pereira dumber than Batman?

Batman doesn't even exist, but the answer to that headline is still affirmative.

Hear me out: do you remember the extra-innings game the Phillies played at home against Boston in 2009? Greg Dobbs hit a home run that would have won the game -- it should have been reviewed by instant replay -- but the home run was so high that it was taller than the foul pole. As a result, there was no way to "conclusively" overturn the call on the field. The only way that call could have been overturned is if Batman were the MLB commissioner rather than Allan H. Selig, because Batman would at least have the foresight to put lasers on top of each foul pole.

How does this relate to Mike Pereira? Because Pereira never lobbied the NFL for lasers on top of each field goal upright. If you don't think that vertical lasers would help the enforcement of field goal-calls, then you obviously didn't watch the Boise St./Nevada game last year.

I've always been convinced that Mike Pereira is the dumbest person in America, but I didn't realize until today that he's dumber than some people who don't even exist.

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Henry Rowengartner said...

He must be. Anybody involved with the league who has a rule that REWARDS a team for committing a penalty is just dumb beyond comprehension.