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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Game 160: Phils win, La Russa chokes (100-60)

If you have been reading this site with any semblance of regularity over the past two months, you've been noticing that the past ~45 Phillies games have been meaningless to the NL standings. Tonight, however, began the biggest Braves' regular season series in about 5 years. The Phillies just happened to be the opponent.

If the Braves had already locked into their playoff spot or been eliminated by now, I obviously wouldn't want to endanger the Phillies' core players.

However, my only question about tonight's game is this: Why is Cliff Lee allowed to throw 120 pitches, only six days ago, in a meaningless game against the DC Nationals, but he's then removed after 92 pitches/6 innings on the road tonight against Atlanta? Two choices: either treat both starts equally; or exert some effort to eliminate the Braves. I'd much rather face a depleted St. Louis rotation than an Arizona/Milwaukee toss-up.

Tomorrow the Phils look to further assist La Russa's incompetence at 7:10 pm when Roy Oswalt faces RHP Derek Lowe at 7:10 pm.

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Scott Graham said...

I must say, it's been mighty encouraging that Manuel has been batting Utley 2nd and Howard 4th. I sincerely hope this continues into the playoffs, especially if the opposition has any sort of lefty specialist.

I would like to see Victorino bat 3rd instead of Pence against LH starters, though.