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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Game 154: Nationals tie the season series with the Phils (98-66)

Cliff Lee threw 120 pitches in a meaningless game tonight, which is obviously confusing given Kyle Kendrick's pitch count earlier in the day.

Perhaps Manuel would not have asked Lee to throw the full 7 innings if the bullpen weren't so needlessly used earlier in the day (see below).

At this point we shouldn't be surprised that Lee and Halladay are consistently pushing 120 pitches in meaningless games. However, if Manuel were limiting Lee and Halladay to reasonable pitch counts the last few starts, Manuel wouldn't be getting criticized anyway.

It just seems so illogical to remove Kendrick before 80 pitches and allow Lee to throw 120. Both games are meaningless, the bullpen should have been rested in game 1 before the nightcap, and Kendrick's arm is vastly less valuable than Lee's.

Also, I love how Victorino finally batted third tonight -- Manuel moves closer to lineup optimization once the games become menaingless. Don't worry though, because come October 1st, Raul Ibanez will be batting ahead of Carlos Ruiz again.

Tomorrow the Phils look to avoid a series loss when Vance Worley faces RHP Brad Peacock at 7:05 pm.


Robby Bonfire said...

O.K., that does it, this man is not so stupid, after all - just like at the top of the political chain in this country, we are being had. Charlie Manuel is on the Yankees payroll.

Robby Bonfire said...

Oh, Hell, just saw a Charlie The Human Mule quote that the Phillies starting team needs to be kept intact for the last four or five regular season games, so that they will be ready for a "deep run in the post-season." (What - a "deep run" not a "Championship run." Hmmm, something revealing in that faux pas.)

Well, this team, playing 33 games in 31 days has not had, except for injury time-off in some cases, any rest. This is getting ready for the post-season? No, this is getting ready to get swept out of the post-season with merely a whimper of protest - and Manuel The Traitor knows it.

When this man says he will have the team "ready" (by not giving the regulars any rest and by blowing out the starting pitcher's arms) he HAS to know better and he has to be taking the rest of us for being a bunch of utter fools.

This is the most suspicious-looking under-mining of the fortunes of a profession sports team I have ever seen in my life, not having been around in 1919, but that is how far back this chicanery dates for a valid comparision.

Look, the Yankees buy everything they need. They just bought-off some D.A. NOT to prosecute A-Rod for his high-stakes poker game law-breaking activities, whereas anyone not named A-Rod would be busted colder than an Alaska mackeral. (Ok, I don't know if any mackeral are swimming around up there, but you get my drift.)

I say the Yankees got to Manuel, and maybe someone else a bit higher on the Phillies brass food chain, too. All the indicators of something being radically wrong here, are in place, starting with Cliff Lee throwing 120 pitches in a meaningless game, "getting ready" for the post-season. Right, except that one plus one is not three except with the Phillies manager.

Scott Graham said...

Love the passion. This is foolish.