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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Game 152: Halladay walks four in loss (98-54)

With the Phillies playing an entirely irrelevant game (for themselves, at least – not St. Louis), it seems ridiculous that 7 of the 8 likely playoff starters were in the lineup last night. The only one missing was Howard because of his minor foot injury.

Hunter Pence had played every inning since he was acquired, Utley is impossible to trust when he says he’s uninjured, and the Phillies are playing two games against the Nationals today.

I’m assuming that Manuel doesn’t want to compromise the wild-card race by resting his starters – he did say that he “owed it to baseball” to play his starters – but if that were truly the case, then why didn’t Manuel try to win last year on the final weekend of the season (against Atlanta)? The Phillies pretty much gave up in that series and handed the Braves a playoff berth. If the Braves did indeed miss the playoffs, the Phils would have rolled over San Diego in the NLDS, and perhaps the Reds would have been able to eliminate San Francisco in a short series.

Now, Manuel is trying to assist the Braves into the playoffs again.

It will be interesting to see if Manuel treats the final series of 2011 – also at Atlanta – any differently than last year. My guess is no, but I’m not about to lose sleep if Tony La Russa is angry at Manuel, anyway.

In other news, Roy Halladay threw 107 pitches on the night. His pitches per start has steadily decreased over the last 3 starts, but I’m guessing that’s due to variance rather than any trend on Manuel’s part.

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Robby Bonfire said...

Not resting over-30 regulars, 1. when the division has been clinched; and 2. when the team has not one scheduled day off coming down the regular season homestretch of 33 games in 31 days, is indicative of mental retardation, sadism, and/or deliberate sabotage. This man's blatant agenda for undermining the best interests of this ballclub need to be investigated.