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Monday, September 19, 2011

Game 151: Phils again fail to give Hamels run support (98-53)

Cole Hamels didn't exactly have his best outing of the season last night, but the offense certainly didn't help either. I'm not going to lie, with the NL East clinched I was paying more attention to the other Philadelphia team last night. Hamels struck out nine last night while walking zero.

I can't really speak too much on anything that happened in the Phils game last night, but I can tell that I'm completely baffled that Andy Reid still has no comprehension of when to challenge plays. Yes, NBC showed angles with terrible replays making it difficult for the Eagles to challenge; however, I was fairly certain while watching live that the pass was incomplete. In addition to the ball seemingly hitting the ground, that play was clearly a moment swinger in the game. I also believe that the timeout call before the 4th and 3 play was terrible. I'm probably in the extreme minority here, but I thought there was 0 chance that they converted the play (pure pessimism). Given that thought process and assuming the Eagles could somehow stop the Falcons on three straight downs, they would have had ~ 1 minute to work with rather than 14 seconds.

Mike Smith was terrible last night. He only gave Turner 21 rushes, he called three straight knees when it was clear that the Eagles couldn't stop the run, and he punted the ball to DeSean Jackson.


Robby Bonfire said...

Go to have a REAL concern with a D which allows four TD passes. So much for the "shut down" secondary. Just wondering if the experiment of putting an OC in as you DC is going to sabotage the entire season? Not looking good at the moment, rather looking idiotic.

Also, even with Vick in there, where was the killer instinct offense? First and goal on the 5 = settled for 3 points. And of course the red zone fumble, with Atlanta subsequently driving the field for 7 points,for a 14-point switch. Do college teams even break down to this extent, that much, anymore?

Rated the team an "A" overall, before the game, that grade is now downgraded to B-. A Phillies - Eagles championship parlay this year is looking deader than Napolean. Both have imploded and are now on the outside looking in, with the halucinating manager of that other team not resting regulars immediately on the heels of winning the division.

Problem with both teams is that their personnel composite ability is light years ahead of the "ability" of the management in charge of it all. Formidable predicament, that is.

Reid needs go go, too, but not quite on a par with that other guy who is already gone, except physically.

Robby Bonfire said...

In his last three starts, Cole Hamels has allowed nine runs on home runs, his opposition starters have allowed Phillies hitters exactly one solo home run, in that span. Cole is hurting - badly! Needs to be shut down till the post-season.

Are you listening, Charlie? Or is this just another "He's my guy" non-addressing of a glaringly broken situation?

Starting to think that CM is secretly employed by the Yankees as a saboteur. Honest to God. An overt saboteur could not begin to compare with Manuel when it comes to grinding this team to powder.

Prediction: Phillies will win exactly ONE post-season game, then over and out. That's it - that's the optimistic upside. Hope I'm wrong, but this team looks like it is falling apart at the seams, right now. You don't want your regular players having a "deer in the headlights" glazed look, going into the big dance, but this team is at that point, right now.

Thanks, Charlie, and Reuben wants to see you upstairs, something about another five-year contract extension for the wonderful job you are doing killing Philadelphia championship baseball hopes.