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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Game 148: Howard takes a 3-0 pitch, Phillies win (97-51)

Cliff Lee threw 117 pitches tonight. The Phillies have already clinched a playoff berth. If it's that important for Manuel to allow Lee to pitch CGs, then why didn't he remove Lee after he gave up the tying home run? Lee had thrown 94 pitches before the 8th inning; Manuel should have shut Lee down right there. However, perhaps Manuel didn't want to go to his bullpen, since it was used for 4 innings in the afternoon game. Only one problem: it was ridiculous to use the bullpen in the early game (see below).

Manuel mismanaged the entire day and it ended up backfiring with Cliff Lee throwing over 115 pitches in a no-decision. Madson was definitely unavailable for the second game, because he was used in the first game with a 2-run lead. Herndon is more-than-capable of closing a 3-1 game, but Madson was used instead.

The entire day was a chain reaction of poor decisions. The Phillies are so good, however, that they swept out the Marlins anyway. The Phillies will never play the Florida Marlins again.

Tomorrow the Phillies open a 4-game series (I am actively rooting for a St. Louis sweep) when Vance Worley faces LHP Jaime Garcia at 7:05 pm.

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