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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Game 147: Kendrick is more important than Halladay (96-51)

Let's see, the Phils have been playing meaningless baseball games for over a month now; however, Roy Halladay is routinely throwing over 115 pitches in his starts, but Kyle Kendrick is not allowed to throw more than 80. Kendrick was pitching very well in today's game but was removed after 5 innings and 78 pitches. The Phils' top 4 relievers were then used, and the game was nearly blown by Brad Lidge and Antonio Bastardo in the 8th inning.

At this point in the season, the bullpen should be used to relieve the 200+ inning workloads of Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, and Cliff Lee. Kendrick, in turn, should be maxed out in order to give the bullpen rest.

Manuel is doing exactly the opposite; Halladay and, especially, Lee are under contract for years to come, but Manuel is treating each of their starts as if it were the 7th game of the NLCS, when, in actuality, the results of these games are about as important as the Little League World Series consolation game.

And, even if Manuel were managing this game to win it, he still screwed up in the 8th inning by not removing Lidge after he got the second out of the inning. Logan Morrison, a lefty, came to the plate as the tying run, and Lidge promptly walked him (deliberately but not intentionally) on four pitches. Madson should have been called onto face Morrison, rather than put the tying run on base. Lidge is useless against lefties, so there are two options: put the tying run on base and keep the inferior pitcher in the game; or keep the tying run off the basepaths and bring in the best reliever. Of course, the worst decision was made.

Why is Roy Halladay allowed to throw 120 pitches in a meaningless game, but your best reliever is never allowed to pitch more than 1.0 innings?

Madson has zero appearances of more than 1.0 innings this year. With a bullpen full of first/second-year relievers (Stutes, Schwimer, Bastardo, Herndon) and damaged veterans (Lidge), Madson is clearly your most reliable option. It's too bad Manuel is grossly overworking his rotation on September 15 even though he has yet to optimize Madson.

This game was the perfect time to condition Madson for a 4-6 out save opportunity -- which may make the difference between a postseason loss/win -- and Manuel unsurprisingly missed it.

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Robby Bonfire said...

Just think, two more years of this starting pitcher, clueless, burn-out crap, after this season. Got to thank The Reuben for sandwiching the Phillies into a vice on that one.

Are the Phillies secretly running a politically correct old folks home/affirmative action program for spent, senile, robotic, foggy, somnambulent, mental pygmy managers, because if so I missed the press release?

Is is just me, or is there something truly perverse and genuinely ugly about Charlie Manuel's spirit and social chemistry? He appears to me to be the most unattractive social animal I have ever come across as a sports fan. I can never believe my eyes whenever I see comments such as "The players like playing for Charlie." I would rather play for Fidel Castro or somebody nice like that. At least I would know that if I screwed up I would get shot instead of being rewarded with a contract extension ,which is how some people in baseball address incompetence.