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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Game 145: No Victorino, no win (94-51)

The Phils lost another virtually meaningless game last night by a score of 5-2, thanks to a combination of an erratic strike zone and a lack of control from Cole Hamels.

Hamels pitched only 5 innings while throwing exactly 100 pitches on the night, so I won’t complain about Manuel’s pitching decisions.
However, since Houston’s starting pitcher was J.A. Happ, it was curious to see that Victorino did not get the start in centerfield. Victorino is not only the Phillies best hitter against lefties (by far), he’s one of the top hitters in both leagues against LHPs in 2011. Perhaps Victorino simply needed a rest; but why not rest Victorino on Monday against the RHP Brett Myers, and let him face Happ on Tuesday? Mayberry started in center, Francisco in left, and Howard at first base. Manuel should have either had Mayberry play first and Victorino in center, or Mayberry in left and Victorino in center.

With all the RISP the Phils stranded last night, Victorino’s presence may have at least made it a close game.

The Phils try to avoid their first sweep of at least three games today when Roy Halladay faces RHP Bud Norris.

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