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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Game 142: Phillies win in extras, secure series victory (94-48)

Cliff Lee continued to pitch very well last night for the Phillies. He gave up 2 runs (1 unearned run that shouldn't have even counted). For the second straight day, the Milwaukee Brewers scored a run without ever touching home plate. Casey McGehee scored after completely annihilating Carlos Ruiz at home plate. In the process, he completely missed touching the plate. The umpire this time however, signaled safe, which in my opinion was his way of showing that McGehee wasn't out due to the fact that Ruiz dropped the throw from Victorino. As I pointed out yesterday, the appeal play in general is ridiculous, but I don't believe there was anything the Phillies could have done even if they had noticed he didn't touch the plate.

Manuel went with Michael Stutes over Ryan Madson in the bottom of the 9th inning last night due to the fact that the score was tied. We've seen many instances this season of the Phillies and their opponents losing games while their best reliever sits in the pen. I'll give Manuel some slack since Stutes was brought in to face some pretty weak Brewers hitters.

The Phillies won in the 10th due to an excellent bunt by Ruiz that led to a throwing error by LaTroy Hawkins.

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