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Monday, September 5, 2011

Game 135: Bullpen has an off night (88-47)

Despite Cole Hamels' best efforts on Saturday night, the Phillies could not hold onto the lead against the Marlins. Hamels had somewhat of a tough time early on seemingly because of the rain, but he still controlled the Marlins very well. He also added two hits and two RBIs, but it was the bullpen that let the team down.

After Hamels went 7 innings, Manuel went to his "8th inning guy" in Antonio Bastardo. Bastardo has struggled a little at times this season with his command as he had over a 3.5 BB/9 ratio. Saturday night was no different. Bastardo walked the first two men he faced in the 8th inning, which brought Jose Lopez up to the plate with two men on and no one out. Gaby Sanchez and Mike Cameron were due up after Lopez, so Manuel correctly went to a RHP. I would normally rant about Manuel's failure to bring in Ryan Madson, the Phillies best reliever, in the highest leverage situation of the game, but since the Phillies are a virtual lock to win the division and the NL, bringing in David Herndon isn't the worst alternative. Herndon has been serviceable this season, and Saturday night was just a bad night. He gave up 3 homers before getting out of the inning, and that was pretty much the game.

Come playoff time, Manuel better be using Madson in situations like the one the other night in order to ensure the team has the best chance to win.

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