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Friday, September 2, 2011

Game 133: Phils sweep Reds on road (87-46)

The Phillies continue to win when Vance Worley is on the mound. Apparently, that's enough proof that he should start over Roy Oswalt, arguably one of the best pitchers of his era, once the playoffs start, but I digress.

Worley went 6+ innings, and allowed 4 ERs. On a good note, he has been consistently striking out more batters in his starts recently. Over his last 27 IP, he has struck out 30 batters. That's a pretty good rate for a starting pitcher.

Not that there's an awful lot to mention about yesterday's game in terms of the manager, but batting Michael Martinez second should be avoided at all costs.

Manuel also really needs to get away from leaving Raul Ibanez in late in the game when the Phillies have the lead. Yesterday, Mayberry was used as a pinch runner in the 9th inning, but was not left in the game to play left in the bottom of the ninth. Manuel routinely removed Burrell late in the game, and while I hold my breath when I say this, Burrell was better in the field than Ibanez is. I don't really understand the logic, but if Ibanez doesn't get removed late in games for a better defender, I might not survive the postseason.


Robby Bonfire said...

Phillies Offensive F.I.P. Scores...

1. Pence, H. 20.28 (with Phila.)
2. Victorino 13.70
3. Howard, R. 13.54
4. Francisco 12.79
5. Brown, D. 12.55

6. Mayberry 12.21
7. Rollins,J. 12.06
8. Ruiz, C. 11.28
9. Utley, C. 10.84
10. Polanco, P. 7.90

11. Ibanez, R. 7.42
12. Valdez, W. 3.58
13. Gload, R. -2.34

Scott Graham said...

Maybe I'm having a huge brain fart, but what is F.I.P.

Andy Musser said...

Apologies for the delayed game posts this weekend; both Mr. Graham and I traveled to Florida for the series.

hk said...

No need for apologies unless that was one of you guys who interfered with Pence's double yesterday.

Scott Graham said...

No way. We only bought right field seats so we could sit behind the plate.