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Friday, August 12, 2011

Phillies make a great, while seemingly meaningless, signing

The Phillies signed Jack Cust to a minor league deal today. A lot of people will hear that and probably shrug it off. To Mr. Musser and me (and RAJ apparently), he means a lot more. Cust was coveted by the A's organization for his ability to get on base. From 2007 - 2010, his wOBAs were .393, .371, .342, and .371. Of those seasons, he fell short of 500 PAs only once (2010) and as such are very significant sample sizes. He was an OF and DH in the American League, and is a LHB, but should be a welcomed addition to this Phillies team. His ability to take walks and hit for decent power could greatly help the Phillies this year. There isn't a good chance that he plays everyday unless it's over Ibanez (unlikely for whatever reason). He would be a solid bat off the bench though.

To put it in perspective, Cust's weight average wOBA of .368 over those 4 seasons would rank 4th behind Victorino (.409 !!), Utley (.373), and Pence (.370) this season. The next closest is Ryan Howard at .353. Ibanez is hitting .306.

In my opinion, and I'm sure Andy agrees, Cust should start over Raul.

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Robby Bonfire said...

Charlie Manuel NEVER demotes any regular player or rotation pitcher that he has penciled in for a job at the start of the season. Two reasons: 1. Charlie Manuel never applies any standards of performance to his players, so that we get the washed-out David Bell's of the world keeping Chase Utley's MLB impact on hold; we get Brad Lidge 7.11 and Jose Mesa 6+ ERA "closers" maintained in that role over a full season of gross incompetence; and, 2. If you look closely you will notice that Manuel, once "his guys" are selected, just sleep walks through the season in a dream state, consistent with the "automatic pilot" he is on.

If I owned this ball club, my GM giving this Rip Van Winkle clone who is down to his last brain cell a contract extension, would get that GM out the door faster than Chuck Yeager ever flew a sonic boom aircraft.