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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Game 128: Phils fail to sweep (83-45)

Well, the Phillies could not manage to completely humiliate the Mets over the entire 3 game set that concluded yesterday. Had it not been for an error that led to four unearned runs in the first inning, the Phillies quite possibly could have pulled out the sweep. They managed to get 11 base runners in 6 innings against Pelfrey, but were unable to overcome the early deficit.

Kendrick was only able to go 4 innings before being pulled. The bullpen pitched pretty well yesterday, and only allowed 1 run over 5 innings of work, which was distributed between Schwimer, Lidge, Bastardo, Herndon, and Madson.

I don't really have much to say about the game, but I enjoyed Bill Baer's post over at Crashburn Alley that included a series of .gif's to show why Mike Pelfrey is a jerk. I love the trash talking done by Sarge as well.

The Phillies are scheduled to being a series against the Marlins tomorrow at home. Hopefully the hurricane doesn't cause any more problems with overuse of bullpens.

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