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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Game 127: Phils rout Mets for second consecutive night (83-44)

While the final score wasn't exactly close, the game was more lopsided than the score might indicate. The Phillies led 9-0 at one point. Early on, Worley worked himself into trouble, but had a pretty good strikeout pitch going all night. He finished with nine Ks over 7 IP. That's excellent for any pitcher. He also only gave up one walk. The offense was sparked by Shane Victorino (seriously should be receiving some MVP consideration) and John Mayberry, a player who deserves some talk (not quite MVP level discourse) as well.

I seriously like the fact that Manuel took Chase Utley out of the game (two consecutive nights now) in the 6th inning, and with Ryan Howard already having the night off, two of the Phillies most integral parts are being rested more than usual. This might not be as important for Howard, but Utley tends to wear down as the season progresses, and any additional rest is a good thing.

Charlie Manuel used Michael Stutes with an 8 run lead to close out the game. Some people out there might be curious why we are not mad about this situation considering Stutes is "one of the Phillies best relievers". Well, he's not as good as people perceive him to be, so that's why I'm not complaining. He strikes out a decent amount (~8/ 9IP), but his walk rate is Romero-esque (4.13/ 9IP). He also fails to get a lot of ground balls, which can be ominous.

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