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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Game 121: Manuel starts some RHBs, Phils win (79-42)

Charlie Manuel changed the lineup up a little last night by starting Wilson Valdez at 3B over Michael Martinez and John Mayberry in LF over Ibanez. This shouldn't really be noteworthy, but give the infrequency of Manuel making these types of moves, I'm forced to mention this. It's not like he was even trying to spell Ibanez or Martinez since the team just had two days off. The move appeared to pay off as John Mayberry had three hits, and Wilson Valdez added a huge double of his own (shame on him for thinking he has the power to put it out to dead center field, though).

I think it was stupid to use Ryan Madson when the team was up 7 runs, but he hadn't pitched in a while (outside the bullpen), so whatever.

The Phillies attempt to take the series from the Diamondbacks tonight as Ian Kennedy and Vance Worley toe the rubber.

By the way, if you haven't noticed how well Victorino is playing this season, you really should take note. It's kind of absurd really. Due to the lack of time Utley has been on the field this season, Victorino has clearly been the most valuable non-pitcher.

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