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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Game 114: Lincecum defeats Oswalt, Phils fail to sweep (74-40)

Roy Oswalt allowed 12 hits over 6 innings yesterday, allowing two walks while striking out four. Not good, not bad. The Phils unsurprisingly struggled against Tim Lincecum, and the result was a 3-1 loss to end the 9-game winning streak.

One complaint for Manuel in this game (his pitching management was fine): He misused John Mayberry Jr. by using him as a PH with the bases empty and one out in the top of the 7th inning.

Lincecum was still on the mound, who is tougher against righties than lefties. For as good as Mayberry has been lately, his OBP on the year is still only .320, lower than even Francisco's. With a two-run deficit, Mayberry's best tool -- power -- should be saved until there's a runner on base. Using him against a righty with the bases empty (in the 7th inning, no less) is about the worst possible use of Mayberry.

Bochy later brought Javier Lopez into the game to face Raul Ibanez with two men on base. This is the exact type of situation for which Manuel should have been saving Mayberry. Perhaps Bochy would not have brought in a lefty if Mayberry were still available, but I think he would have.

Either Ben Francisco (who has reverse-splits this year and a higher OBP than Mayberry) or Ross Gload (who provides the L/R matchup) should have been used against Lincecum with no one on base, and Mayberry should have pinch-hit for Ibanez against Lopez.

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