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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Game 112: Phillies beat down Giants, literally (73-39)

Last night's game had an interesting story line before it even started. Chase Utley and Jonathan Sanchez have a pretty contemptuous relationship. Sanchez has hit him numerous times over the years, including last year in the NLCS when Utley returned the ball to the mound after getting plunked. Last night, Utley did not get beaned. However, Shane Victorino did. When your team can't beat a minor league pitcher, I guess it's natural to get a little frustrated. The Giants were losing 8-2 in the 6th when Ramon Ramirez hit Shane with a pitch. He then proceeded toward the plate, and the benches cleared. My question: Why was Victorino a target?

In terms of the Phillies' manager, Charlie Manuel tried to give Ryan Howard time off last night against Jonathan Sanchez. It's good to see that Manuel simply didn't sit both Howard and Utley on the same night, essentially forfeiting a game. Worley went 7 innings, and got pretty good results. This is very encouraging to note since he faced the Giants recently, and he still managed to handle them pretty well. Stutes threw one inning, and Herndon came in to mop up. No complaints from me.

This afternoon, Cole Hamels and Matt Cain face off once again. Hopefully the Phils can score some runs for him.


hk said...

The only thing I can think of as to why Ramirez threw at Victorino is that Rollins had just stolen 2nd base with a 6 run lead. If that's the reason, it's a weak one as the Giants still had 12 outs to go, but it seemed pretty obvious that he was throwing at Victorino, who had done nothing during the game or series to deserve it.

Scott Graham said...

It must be a west coast thing. See: Hiroki Kuroda, LA Dodgers.

While I think stealing up 6 runs is borderline running it up, this is major league baseball. 6 run leads aren't always locks. Maybe since their lineup consists of little leaguers sans Beltran and Sandoval, but still.

OPS by lineup slot yesterday: .667, .738, .873, .870, .665, .526, .739, .578. Pathetic