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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Game 99: Phils win despite Manuel managing backwards (63-36)

I guess we should get used to Michael Martinez batting second, but I can't figure out why he is. Today he proved that not only is he pretty bad at not making outs, he can't even bunt and move runners along which managers often look for (mistakenly) in number 2 hitters. Outs are precious. Sacrifices are often detrimental. I probably seem crazy complaining about Martinez with his recent success. Not as crazy as Charlie Manuel.

To start the 8th inning, the Phillies were up 8-4. The Phillies have a 96.75% chance to win. Charlie Manuel decided to go with Antonio Bastardo. This had me immediately texting Mr. Musser confused why Manuel would use Bastardo in a fair secure situation. 5 minutes, a couple hits, a couple walks, a couple of wild pitches, and a couple of outs later, the bases were loaded, and Bastardo had given up one run. 8-5 game. With 2 outs and a 3 run lead with the bases loaded, the Phillies chances of winning were now only 94.27% to win. I say only rather loosely. The FOX camera focus on the Phillies pen that now has David Herndon warming up. Herndon is one of the worst Phillies pitchers. He's unquestionably worse than Bastardo. My question is: why save Herndon for the iffy situation, and use Bastardo with a clean slate and a four run lead? Doesn't make much sense to me. It cannot make sense to anyone.

Phillies win, and secure a series split against the lowly Padres. Tomorrow, Roy Halladay takes on RHP Tim Stauffer.

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