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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Game 98: Hamels likes it hot (62-36)

It was extremely hot at CBP last night. Cole Hamels was absolutely dealing right from the first pitch. He clearly rebounded from his disappointing start against the Mets from last Saturday against a terrible Padres team. Manuel left Cole in for 8 innings, which he got through rather easily (100 pitches). No complaints with pitcher selection from last night.

However, Michael Martinez is still batting second (he did again today), and this is just no good. Not much to mention about last night's game.


hk said...

As much as I cannot stand Martinez in the 2-hole, it's not nearly as bad a mistake as having Ibanez in the lineup at all. By the way, did you see the e-mail I sent you with Tango's response. What were your thoughts?

Scott Graham said...

hk's email to me:

Basically, he seems to be saying that there’s not much difference between batting Victorino #2 and Utley #3 than there is between batting Utley #2 and Victorino #3. However, I think we all agree that Michael Martinez should not be batting anywhere above #7 or #8. Personally, since Utley handles LHP’s almost as well as RHP’s, I’m not too concerned with batting Utley before Howard. However, Ibanez, Dom or any other left-handed hitter should never bat #5 unless Charlie is prepared to PH for that player when the other team brings in their LOOGY. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

I'd agree that the gap between Utley and Victorino isn't big enough to warrant complaints. The Martinez gap is. My request to bat Utley second has another benefit. It was much more significant last year when Werth was here as I wanted Utley, Werth, Howard batting 2,3,4. If managers want Utley and Howard to face a left specialist, the manager either must make multiple moves, or Jayson Werth gets to see a LHP. Jayson Werth vs LHP is VERY VERY good. There is no real threatening RHB on the Phillies this year, but Victorino as a RHB has a career .880 OPS. That's VERY impressive.

In my opinion, managers probably don't think Utley is as good against LHP as he is, and that means Victorino would most likely get to bat RH as well.