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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Game 87: Cole Hamels pitches 8 innings for no reason (55-32)

The Phils demolished Florida last night, 14-2, and Cole Hamels still pitched 8 innings despite coming off an injury. Yes, the injury was to his non-pitching hand, but when the Phils are leading by six runs in the bottom of the 8th, it's time to rest your ace.

According to the win expectancy finder, the Marlins had less than a 1 percent chance of winning the game last night heading into the bottom of the 8th. However, Manuel marched Hamels out to the mound anyway.

Hamels is on pace to throw the most innings of his career, and, for the first time, the Phillies are juggling the rotation to get Hamels an extra start before the all-star break (he will pitch Sunday in Atlanta). Last night was an obvious game to rest him after 7 innings (or even 6), but I guess Dubee cares more about Hamels' right hand (he forced Hamels out of the Sox game in a 0-0 tie) than his left arm.

There was absolutely no reason for Hamels to take the mound in the 8th inning last night.

Tonight the Phils go for the sweep when Kyle Kendrick faces Anibal Sanchez at 7:10 pm.


Keith said...

no reason? he must have had a reason that made sense to him. how about a thin bullpen and resting Stutes and Bastardo?

hk said...

When is Charlie going to stop batting the dread-locked Eric Bruntlett in the 2-hole? While we are at it, why the heck does this guy have a MLB roster spot?

Andy Musser said...

Are you implying Stutes and Bastardo are more important to rest than Hamels? Manuel had no problem using Stutes in the 8th inning in Toronto when it was 7-4, a game that was virtually over.

Mathieson, Carpenter, Baez, Herndon are all capable of pitching an inning without allowing 6 runs.