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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Game 86: Worley continues to overachieve (54-32)

The Phils took game one of their 3-game set in Miami on Monday night by a score of 1-0. Their only run came at a play at the plate where Domonic Brown executed a poor slide but was called safe anyway.

Vance Worley pitched 7 innings and never really got into trouble, and Michael Stutes and Antonio Bastardo shut down the final two innings pretty easily.

Manuel didn't make any mistakes tonight, but he has now used Stutes two days in a row. If Stutes pitches tomorrow he will almost assuredly be unavailable on Wednesday. And why is this an issue? Because he used Stutes for no reason on Sunday in a 3-run game that was essentially over. See the below three posts for how badly Stutes was mismanaged in Toronto.

Now Stutes has unnecessarily pitched two straight days, and if he's used tomorrow, then the Phils' best RHP in the bullpen won't be available on a Kendrick-start. Terrible.

Hopefully the offense and Hamels can eliminate the need for an effective bullpen tomorrow when he faces RHP Chris Volstad at 7:10 pm.

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