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Monday, July 4, 2011

Game 84: Halladay wins in Toronto (53-31)

Roy Halladay pitched the entire game on Saturday afternoon in Toronto, and the Phils won a game that looked like a loss for much of the day. Chase Utley's two-out, two-run homer to make it a 4-3 Phils lead was the difference in the 5-3 final score.

One observation about Charlie Manuel's decisions in this game: in the top of the 8th inning, LHP Luis Perez was in the game to pitch to Shane Victorino, Raul Ibanez, Domonic Brown, and Ross Gload.

Victorino led off the inning with a single. At this point in the game, with the Phillies already winning 4-3 and the LHP obviously staying in the game to pitch to Brown and Gload, it's an obvious pinch-hit spot for Francisco to replace Ibanez. Not only is Francisco much, much better against lefties than Ibanez is now, but Perez has classic LOOGY splits (.938 OPS vs LHBs; .540 vs. LHBs). Additionally, even if you don't score in the inning, you have upgraded your left field defense by replacing old man Ibanez with middle-aged man Francisco. No-brainer substitution, and it was missed by Manuel. Ibanez grounded a double-play ball directly to the third baseman, whose bad throw was the only reason it was a one-out fielder's choice instead of a DP.

The Phils missed a scoring chance and never upgraded their defense. Halladay bailed out the manager (again).

The next afternoon in Toronto, Manuel made even more mistakes.

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