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Friday, July 1, 2011

Game 82: Manuel starts Ibanez against lefty, Phils lose (51-31)

The Phils lost the final game of the Boston series for two reasons: Cole Hamels left with an injury, and Jon Lester shut down the Phils' offense. Jon Lester shut down the Phils offense partially because Charlie Manuel continues to march Raul Ibanez out to left field even when the opposing starter is a lefty.

I've explained before why Brown should be starting everyday while Francisco and Ibanez platoon, but I'll give a recap.

There are two lefties and one righty available each day for Manuel to fill the two corner outfield positions, none of whom have produced very much at all offensively this year. Domonic Brown is easily the best defender out of the three players, and since he has (by far) the highest potential, it's a no-brainer that he should be starting everyday. By yesterday afternoon, however, Manuel had not gotten this message.

Ibanez was 0 for 3 off Lester yesterday with two strikeouts, an expectedly dreadful performance. Ben Francisco, who was playing right-field instead (he would be playing left if Brown had started) misplayed a double in the 5th inning and turned it into a triple. Had Brown been in rightfield, perhaps Boston's two-run 5th inning never occurs.

The Phils weren't going to win yesterday, but Manuel certainly didn't give the Phils the best chance to score runs.

They took two out of three from Boston, however, before Kyle Kendrick's start today in Toronto.

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hk said...

Charlie finally got it right today in Toronto. Actually, taking the issue further, I agree that it's absurd that Charlie ever starts Raul against a lefty. However, if they insist on sitting Dom against some (or worse yet, most) LHP's, why the heck do they have Mayberry wasting away in AAA while the dreadlocked Eric Bruntlett wastes a roster spot up here. Again, I am all for Dom playing every day, but if the manager insists on bringing him along slowly, I much prefer a platoon in both corner OF's than ever seeing Raul start in LF again.