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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Game 105: Phillies don't bunt, Phillies win (66-39)

The Phillies won last night. Roy Halladay threw 98 pitches in 7 innings in a blowout. Probably too much.

Domonic Brown batted second, though! Finally, it looks like they're starting to use Brown properly. Oh wait, they just sent him down to AAA a couple minutes ago.

Brown has been getting relatively unlucky with his BABIP, yet he still has a higher wOBA than Raul Ibanez, .325 to .310. Defensively, they've both been terrible. But, Brown plays the harder position and has more speed and range. Trading for Hunter Pence certainly improves the team, but playing Raul Ibanez instead of Brown does the opposite.

The Hunter Pence addition has more of an impact on the 2012 and 2013 seasons, because he'll be replacing Ibanez in the lineup/outfield instead of Brown. The trio of Pence, Victorino, and Brown for the next 2 years is a much better outfield than Victorino, Francisco, and 39-year-old Ibanez.

Here's what the Phils' lineup should have been after they traded Pence:


No Brown? That sucks, because he's been better (and projected to be better for this year) than Ibanez, both offensively and defensively. Well, they sent Brown to the minors. here's what the lineup should be now:


To Manuel, the idea of putting someone (read: Victorino) who kills LHP between Utley and Howard might as well be on par with batting Steve Carlton leadoff. It's purely asinine to refuse to break up your two best lefties in the lineup. For all the whining from this fan base after they dropped 2 of 3 to San Francisco, no one says one god damned word about the potential of Javier Lopez coming in to face both Utley and Howard in the NLD(C)S without having to face a RHB.

Split up the lefties!

Here's what tonight's lineup is:


Not only do they fail to maximize their outfield's offense and defense by playing Ibanez over Brown, but Manuel does an awful job of optimizing the lineup by having the two best RHBs flanking the two lefties. Awesome.

Regardless, it's Cliff Lee vs. RHP James McDonald tonight, so it probably doesn't matter. The whole point of this blog is to point out Manuel's mistakes during the regular season, so when/if he costs the Phils a game in the playoffs, we can place the blame in the appropriate place.

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