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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Game 102: Worley continues hot streak (65-37)

Vance Worley pitched a complete game last night, defeating the Giants by a 7-2 score. Barry Zito was the Giants' emergency starter due to Tim Lincecum's flu-like symptoms, and the Phils jumped on Zito for 4 runs in the first. With Worley's performance to come, the game was pretty much over.

The only complaint about the lineup last night is more of a general complaint rather than specific to last night -- eventually Martinez has to leave the 2-hole in the lineup. Both he and Mayberry have seen success in their limited playing time, but Mayberry (and Brown for that matter) is more likely to sustain that success in the long run. If Martinez is batting 2nd come September, we'll have a problem.

I liked Manuel's decision to stick with Worley for all 9 innings last night; the bullpen had pitched 5 innings on Monday, and the Phils aren't off until August 11.

Tonight, RHP Matt Cain takes the mound against Cole Hamels at 7:05 pm.

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