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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Game 81: Phils pitching continues to dominate (51-30)

I must say, I most definitely didn't expect Worley + bullpen to only allow 1 run tonight. The Red Sox lineup is probably the best in the league, and the only run Worley and the Phillies allowed tonight came on a double by John Lackey. Not too shabby. Overall, Vance Worley allowed 7 runners over 7 innings, and neither Stutes nor Bastardo allowed a run in either of their innings of work.

Raul Ibanez looked good tonight, one night after I criticized him for TERRIBLE offensive output. However you look at it, he just is way too inconsistent (read: old), to count on on a nightly basis.

I know I'm probably really pushing it here, but I hate how Manuel just trotted Stutes out for the 8th and Bastardo for the 9th because it's their roles. Yes, there probably are too many injuries to be this nit-picky, and Bastardo is more experienced than Stutes, but the top of the 8th had Ellsbury (L), Pedroia (R), and Gonzalez (L). I believe Bastardo should have been used there. The 9th had Youk (R), Ortiz (L), and Saltalamacchia (S). Either way, you only win 1 of those battles. If Bastardo doesn't retire all three in order in the 8th, you can either decide to leave him in for Youk and subsequently Ortiz, of you can decide to use Stutes for the rest of the game, assuming it still makes sense. The bullpen has been well rested with Halladay going the CG Sunday, and Lee going the CG Tuesday after an off day Monday.

The Phillies go for the sweep tomorrow as Cole Hamels faces LHP Jon Lester


cheesefondue said...

Did you happen to hear the common taters common tate when A. Gonzalez was at his fourth at bat, comparing two of his earlier ones? Both of the at bats being compared were ground balls off the same pitch location, yet they were saying that he adjusted his swing to get a hit the second time, and that's what makes him a great player. It looked to me like both those swings were pretty bad, but one happened to eke by Rollins. I know he really is a good player, but is this even a legit example why?

Andy Musser said...


i missed the conversation youre referencing, but chris wheeler normally bends over backwards to compliment the good players of the opposition. its ridiculous, really, and your example seems like the type of thing he'd say. wheeler says something, and even if the replay contradicts what he says, he continues on and ignores the replay altogether. he is a joke.


I noticed something tonight that I probably should have noticed earlier in the season: Raul Ibanez was left in the game in the top of the 9th to play defense with a 2-1 lead. When you have Ben Francisco on your bench, it's pointless to leave Ibanez in the game.

At this point in their careers, Francisco and Ibanez are pretty much equal offensively, so even if the game goes to extra innings, you're not losing much offense by replacing Ibanez. Defensively, however, Francisco is much more valuable than Ibanez.

There's absolutely no reason to leave Ibanez in the game when you have a lead in the 9th inning and Francisco is still available.

And if you want to argue that it's not Manuel's style, you're dead wrong. Eric Bruntlett (slower than Francisco and worse offensively) routinely repaced Pat Burrell (better than Ibanez offensively and defensively) defensively in 2008.