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Friday, June 24, 2011

Game 75: Another CG for Lee (47-28)

Wednesday night the Phils shut down the Cards by a 4-0 score, and Charlie Manuel left Cliff Lee in the game to throw 126 pitches. Lee was quoted as saying he could have thrown 11 innings, so I won't criticize Manuel for leaving him in for the entire game. Personally, I think he probably should have gone to David Herndon, but there's still no definitive answer as to whether you're more likely to get injured on your 126th pitch than on your 14th.

Other than this, there were few decisions for Manuel to make on the night. Rollins and Howard provided home runs, and Lee never even made it interesting.

One small note: with a man on first and nobody out in the 8th inning, Manuel allowed Lee to swing away. I know Lee's a good hitter, but he shouldn't be swinging in situations where he's likely to GIDP. Lee ended up grounding into an easy double play, and the Phils' threat was erased. In a tie game, I know Manuel would bunt there -- so the strategy really shouldn't be different in a 3-run game.

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