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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Game 71: Win streak snapped (44-27)

The Phillies opened up a series in Seattle tonight. If you ask Chris Wheeler what the first thing is that he thinks of in Seattle, he would probably mention that Safeco Field (Mariners' home field) is HYUGE!!! Charlie Manuel determined that Ben Francisco and Raul Ibanez would be in the starting lineup this evening. Once that decision was made, it should have been very clear that Raul Ibanez (an outfielder with terrible range and a terrible arm) should be the DH and Ben Francisco should play left. For whatever reason, Charlie decided to do the opposite.

Among Manuel's other decisions tonight, I found it curious that Manuel used Herndon in the 8th down 2 runs. I find this akin to giving up, but with the bottom of the Mariners' lineup due up, I guess it's not the worst case scenario. Speaking of the bottom of the lineup (essentially every part of the lineup), the Mariners' offense is anemic. A few starters have OPSes over .700, but not by much.

Tonight's home plate umpire, Doug Eddings, was absolutely terrible. Tonight I was more frustrated than any other Phillies game this season. Eddings' strike zone was terrible, and inconsistent. He also did not ask for help in numerous check swing situations that were definitely not clear cut swings (probably not swings at all).

Tomorrow, and by tomorrow I mean later today, Felix Hernandez and Cole Hamels will take the mound.

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