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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Game 67: Hamels throws into the 8th inning in a blowout, then gets hurt (41-26)

In a 9-1 game that was delayed by rain by over an hour, Cole Hamels was allowed to pitched into the 8th inning. He ended up leaving the game with a minor back injury after throwing 99 pitches.

On the Friday night game against Pittsburgh, Hamels was removed after 98 pitches, and the bullpen blew the game not long after. Tonight, in a 9-1 game, he got hurt with nobody out in the 8th inning. Without the injury, he likely would have thrown 110+ pitches tonight.

Why is Manuel allowing Hamels to throw more pitches in a 9-1 game after a rain delay than in a 1-1 game in the 9th inning? Either Hamels should have been allowed to pitch longer in that extra-innings Pirates loss, or he should have been removed after 7 innings tonight.

The answer is probably both. On 610-WIP today, the Manuel apologists defended his decision to remove Roy Halladay after 7 innings in the 7-0 turned 7-5 game against Chicago Friday night. They claimed it was clearly the correct decision.

If that was the correct decision, then the decision to keep Hamels into the 8th inning tonight was probably incorrect. The only difference is that Manuel wants to save his bullpen for the two games tomorrow. However, if that's true, then it's blatantly clear he mismanaged the Pirates extra-innings game.

If Hamels can be ridden into 110-pitch territory in a 9-1 game, just to save the arms of Danys Baez and David Herndon in games that haven't occurred yet, then he can absolutely be ridden into 110-pitch territory in a 1-1 game.

Obviously, this is an argument against Manuel that no one will use tomorrow, so the Manuel apologists will just note that he wanted to save the bullpen for the two games tomorrow, completely ignoring the full context of Hamels' in-game longevity.

Oh, and the Phillies hit 5 home runs tonight -- two by Domonic Brown. If it were up to me, I'd platoon left field and give Brown right-field. Let him see the ABs against lefty-pitching.

Tomorrow the Phils play twice, but it is not a doubleheader per the major league rulebook. Kyle Kendrick starts game one at 1:05 pm against someone who the Marlins have yet to announce. Halladay faces Anibal Sanchez at 7:05 pm.


cheesefondue said...

What's the definition of a double-header?

Andy Musser said...

"A DOUBLE HEADER is two regularly scheduled or rescheduled games, played in immediate succession"

The fact that they clear the ballpark and wait 3 hours before starting the next game means it doesnt qualify.

Before the Phils sold out every game, theyd have doubleheaders where game 1 would start at 5pm and the next game 30 minutes after it, which would qualify as a doubleheader.

Scott Graham said...

EXCEPTION: If the league president has approved a request of the home
club for a longer interval between games for some special event, the umpire-in-chief
shall declare such longer interval and announce it to the opposing managers. The
umpire-in-chief of the first game shall be the timekeeper controlling the interval
between games.

Does increased revenue count as a special event?