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Monday, May 30, 2011

Game 53: Phillies forfeit before game begins (33-20)

Sunday afternoon the Phils went for the sweep against New York but fell behind 8-0 after the first two innings. Starter Vance Worley allowed 8 runs in 3 IP.

Charlie Manuel made no real mistakes during the game, but his starting lineup was extremely thin. Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Carlos Ruiz all did not start. Presumably, Manuel benched the lefties because Jon Niese was the starter. Unfortunately, Niese is not better against lefties than righties. He has a .777 OPS against RHB and a .775 against LHB for his career, so it doesn't make much sense to stack the lineup with RHBs against him. The Phils would not have won this game with a different lineup, but Manuel should not be benching three of his best hitters at the same time.

It would be very interesting to know if Manuel would have trotted out the same lineup on Sunday if the Mets were going for the sweep. I'm guessing no.

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