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Friday, May 27, 2011

Game 50: Phillies, Lee demolish Reds (31-19)

Cliff Lee had a mediocre pitching outing (4 runs in 8 innings), but offensively, he was excellent. His bases-loaded double with the score tied 4-4 essentially put the game away. He swung at the first pitch in the at-bat, but this is not a dreadful decision because there were zero outs. If there was one out and the bases loaded following a walk to the 8-hole hitter, and Lee swung at the first pitch, I'd be berating Manuel. However, even a double play scores a run and breaks the tie with only 9 outs remaining to get the victory. A double play by Lee in that situation might actually be better than a strikeout. Plus, Lee is a damned good hitter.

Michael Martinez was the leadoff man, but I won't get on Manuel for that decision. The lineup was filled with minor leaguers (five, actually: Martinez, Brown, Mayberry, Valdez, Sardinha), so one of them had to be hitting in an important spot. Might as well make it a lefty against RHP Homer Bailey, whose outing was just as god-awful as his name.

The Phils survived the 19-inning game thanks to Lee's 8 innings (Contreras pitched the 9th), so they pretty much have a fully-rested bullpen headed into Shea Stadium this weekend. Roy Oswalt faces LHP Chris Capuano tonight at 7:10pm.

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