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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Game 48: Michael Martinez is better than Ross Gload against righties (29-19)

The Phils lost last night, 6-3, because of a relatively quiet night from the offense and a very unlucky 9th inning for Ryan Madson. Madson allowed two infield hits and an intentional walk for Jay Bruce came to the plate with two outs. Bruce knocked a 3-run double and the game was over.

Part of the reason why the game was over was that Charlie Manuel decided to forfeit the bottom of the ninth inning. With one out and nobody on base against RHP Francisco Cordero, Manuel decided to use Martinez instead of Ross Gload to pinch-hit (editor's note: it turns out Gload has a hip injury). Even if Gload isn't available, Martinez should be the last option off the bench. You still have Valdez to use as a pinch-hitter (who is essentially the same batter as Martinez, except with more PH experience) and Martinez can serve as a pinch-runner in case you mount a comeback. The worst pinch-hitter available failed to reach base, shockingly, and the Phils went down without a fight.

Also, anyone criticizing Manuel for using Madson in a "non-save situation" is wrong. It was a 9th-inning tie game against the top of the order: use your best pitcher.

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