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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Game 46: Phillies offense still inept (28-18)

Wilson Valdez batted second again on Sunday. That should be all that needs to be said. The Phillies could only muster 5 hits, all of which were singles. It's pretty tough to score when your team averages fewer than one base runner per inning, and you have 0 extra-base hits.

Charlie Manuel used J.C. Romero in the 8th to face Adrian Beltre and then Mitch Moreland. Beltre crushed a double. Surprise! Beltre is a RHB. He scored the second run of the game for the Rangers, but should not have (at least not when he did). With men on first and third the Rangers tried a suicide squeeze with Gentry at the plate. David Herndon did the correct thing and threw the ball at the batter. Gentry made his best attempt to get the bunt down, which he did. However, the ball hit his hand that was gripping the bat. The umpires were most likely oblivious to this, and allowed the run to count. The play should have been ruled a dead ball, and the run should not have scored.

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