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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Game 44: Roy Halladay + 2 homers secures win for the Phillies (27-17)

The Phillies only eked out 4 hits last night. Two of those hits were home runs by Ben Francisco and Raul Ibanez. With Roy Halladay pitching 8 innings, and Ryan Madson coming in for the save, that was all the Phillies would need.

Since there were no pitching changes, all that needs mentioning is that Charlie Manuel insisted again on batting the Phillies worst hitter in the 2nd slot. It's ridiculous. Forget the fact that the sabermetrically inclined insist that the 2nd and 4th spots in the lineup are the most critical, and just realize that the 2nd player in the batting order gets more PAs on average than every other spot except for the lead off man, and you will understand it's stupid.


Aaron J Warren said...

Not a big Valdez fan either, but, statistically, Valdez is the Phillies best hitter with runners in scoring position (.400) there, Princess.

Scott Graham said...


And you're really going to reference statistics? He's had 24 PA with RISP. Great sample size. Chase Utley is 1/9 so far this season. Valdez should start over him everyday right?

If for some reason you want to stick with your RISP talk, then shouldn't he be batting lower in the order? You know, when there's actually RISP.

Scott Graham said...

Valdez also had a clean 19th inning last night. Should the Phillies use him in the bullpen because he has a 0.00 ERA?