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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Game 34: Blanton over Worley (23-11)

Joe Blanton made his first start since his DL stint last night. I wasn't really sure why the Phillies decided to start Blanton rather than Worley since Blanton could be a huge piece of trade bait, and they should probably let his "impinged elbow" get as much rest as necessary. Furthermore, Worley has not really had a bad outing since reaching the majors. It's probably not a good idea for him to sit out in the bullpen at the MLB level, if they want him to be ready as a starter.

Charlie Manuel sat Ben Francisco to give LHB Ross Gload a start in RF. Javier Vazquez's career platoon splits aren't too drastic, but it was a decent time to start Gload. Pete Orr also got the start at 2B. Mr. Musser and I both believe he should get more starts. He and Valdez are comparable hitters, but Orr has tremendous speed, and a lefty bat (ideal for tough RHPs).

Blanton was on a pitch count last night; he went 5 innings. Worley came in and gave up 1 run over the next 3, and Madson shut the door for the save. The Phillies turned 4 DPs last night.

Side note: John Buck, while apparently average at throwing out base stealers, looked awful last night in his two attempts to gun down John Mayberry and Victorino. I don't know how good Josh Johnson is at holding runners on, but assuming the Phillies can get on base tonight, you might see some more steals.

Roy Halladay vs. RHP Josh Johnson tonight

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