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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Game 29: Worley filling in admirably (20-9)

Vance Worley got his second start of the season in place of Joe Blanton, who is on the DL. Worley has been pitching wonderfully considering his usual minor league status. Last night he allowed 4 hits over 6 innings with 7 strikeouts. He walked none. The fact that he's striking out batters at this rate is a very good sign as it removes the luck of a batted ball from the equation.

The offense was better again last night as the Phillies managed 14 base runners. Ibanez reached base 3 times, and hit his second homer of the year.

Not much to say about Manuel in this game as, with the Phillies up 6 runs, Manuel used J.C. Romero, Michael Stutes, and Danys Baez to each throw a mop-up inning in relief. Baez was the only reliever to allow a run, and he gave up 3 in his inning of work.

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