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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Game 25: Worley, Howard dominate Mets (17-8)

Friday night the Phils received a great outing from Vance Worley in place of injured Joe Blanton. It is awesome that Worley is this teams 6th starter instead of Kyle Kendrick: in the minors, Worley has a higher strikeout rate and a better WHIP than Kendrick. But, the reason for starting Worley over Kendrick probably had nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with Kendrick's role as a reliever and Worley's role as a starter. Worley was simply the convenient option. Hopefully the Phils keep Worley as the emergency starter, because his major league numbers (though he only has 3 games started) are nothing short of fantastic.

The game was a 10-3 blowout thanks to Ryan Howard's 6 RBIs, so Manuel was able to use Mike Stutes, Danys Baez, and David Herndon to pitch the final three innings. Easy night for the manager.

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