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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do the Phillies want to lose?

Joe Blanton was unable to go tonight because of an elbow problem. That raises many questions as to why he was brought back 3 or 4 days earlier than he needed to be brought back originally. Vance Worley could have gotten another start, and Blanton could have gotten more rest, but I digress. Tonight, once the Phillies received word that Joe Blanton would be scratched, and since they knew about the inclement weather (it down-poured for the first 3 innings), the Phillies should have just postponed the game rather than let Kyle Kendrick start. Before the first pitch of the game, the home team has the say as to whether or not the game will begin. Boo the Phillies for not taking advantage of this.

A side note: In the bottom of the 3rd inning, there was a man on first and Jimmy Rollins was at the plate. Jimmy forced Chacin to throw him a lot of pitches prior to the final pitch in the AB, a ball in the dirt at which Rollins could not check his swing in time. The ball went past the catcher, and Rollins, trying not to show the guilt of having swung, remained near home plate. The Rockies finally appealed and Rollins was called out.

Now, Sarge and TMac would have you believe (WOW, as I'm typing this the same exact thing happened in the bottom of the 4th) that you cannot run since first base was occupied. However, any person who has clue about the rules of baseball knows that the if there are 2 outs, it doesn't matter that first base was occupied. The two buffoons just learned the rule because of the repeat occurrence. Jimmy Rollins should have run immediately. Bottom line.

Anndddddd Raul Ibanez just crushed a ball for a ground rule double that most definitely would have scored two runs had it stayed in play. Terrible luck.

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