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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Game 21: Roy Halladay throws too many pitches, Phils sweep (15-6)

Roy Halladay threw 130 pitches over 8 2/3 innings today. That's way too many pitches for a game in April. He was already averaging over 110 pitches per game before today, and I realize he is not a normal pitcher, but it's still too early to be risking anything with Halladay. The whole advantage of the "four-aces" rotation is that they will have a huge edge over any playoff opponent. That goes out the window with one injury, and Joe Blanton will all of a sudden be your game 4 starter.

We stress on this blog the importance of winning every game, but if Halladay is removed before the 9th inning for Bastardo or Contreras or even Baez, the Phillies still have a HUGE chance of winning (i.e., 98+ percent). Manuel has to be more careful with Halladay's arm.

Regardless, he eventually removed Halladay, and Bastardo threw a one-pitch save for a 3-1 victory.

The Phils just averaged 3 runs per game in a four-game sweep. Pretty awesome.

Sixers win.

Flyers win.

Knicks don't.

The Phils travel to Arizona tomorrow for a 9:40 start when Cliff Lee faces RHP Ian Kennedy.


Scott Graham said...

"No call on Danny Briere."

I'm as surprised as whichever announcer said that yesterday. I mean, usually the Flyers do get penalized for getting checked into the goalie.

cheesefondue said...

Did ESPN not see the Phillies game yesterday, or was the inside-the-park-HR really just not good enough to bring up in their Top 10 or even in the Sportscenter news stories this morning? Though I am glad the 76ers did make the Top 10 for 3 pointer at the end of the game

Michael said...

Game 22: Where's the Phillies Offense?

Not much to say about last nights game. Ian Kennedy mowed through the Phillies with mediocre stuff for a Complete game, 3 hit, shut out. He struck out 10 while walking 0. Raul blows, as does most of the line up right now.

Congrats to Manuel for a job....done.

Michael said...