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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Game 16: Phils get smoked, lose first series (10-6)

The Phils lost tonight, 9-0, after a poor showing by Roy Halladay and an awful outing by the bullpen. Randy Wolf shut down the Phillies during his six innings of work.

Charlie Manuel was bad, too.

Now, the Phillies wouldn't have won this game regardless of the manager, but it actually could have been a 2-0 final if he simply used proper defense against Prince Fielder. Fielder was at the plate with a man on first and nobody out in the 6th inning. He pulled a weak groundball to the right side of the infield, and I assumed it would be an easy out. However, for some unknown reason, the Phils didn't utilize an infield shift. the ball rolled into right field and a double-play ball became a base hit. Milwaukee scored once in the inning for a 3-0 lead after 6.

In the 7th, Fielder was up with 2 outs and two men on. This time, he hit the ball slightly harder to the right side -- Howard dived for the ball but wasn't able to make the play. A run scored on the play, and 5 more runs scored in the same inning. If Manuel used the obviously correct defense (wouldn't it be great if a manager only kept two infielders on the right side when Howard batted?), the Phils probably would have held the game to a 2-0 score. Then, the final 3 offensive innings for the Phils actually would have meant something.

Another bad night for the Phils, another bad night for Manuel.

The Phils try to avoid a sweep tomorrow when Cliff Lee faces LHP Chris Narveson at 1:05.

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