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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Game 13: Manuel continues to screw up (9-4)

In a completely winnable game, the Phils lost 4-3 thanks to Danys Baez and Charlie Manuel.

JC Romero started the 7th inning when the Phils had a 3-2 lead. He allowed an infield hit to Logan Morrison and was immediately (and correctly) removed. Danys Baez was the replacement, and he walked the first batter he faced. At this point, with runners on 1st and 2nd and nobody out, your best reliever must enter the game. It's a no-brainer, and anyone who's ever heard the term "high-leverage situation" understands this. Unfortunately, the manager of the World Series favorites decided the Phils had a better chance of winning if Ryan Madson remained on the bench during the biggest spot in the game. Baez allowed the next guy to single before getting an infield pop out.

Bases loaded, one out, and Greg Dobbs comes to the plate as a pinch hitter. The batter after Dobbs, Chris Coghlan, is also a lefty. Another no-brainer situation: Use Bastardo, right? Manuel leaves Baez in, Dobbs hits a two-run single, AND THEN MANUEL PUTS BASTARDO IN. What the hell kind of garbage managing is this? Greg Dobbs is notoriously awful against lefties, so he probably would have been removed for another pinch-hitter, but managing in this league is so bad he may have actually stayed in the game. Regardless: Madson should have been in the inning once two runners got on base (probably even after one got on base).

This is the first game where Manuel actually caused a loss.

Placido Polanco swinging first pitch in the 9th inning was another brutal decision since John Mayberry had just walked on four pitches. The team, as it has been since Manuel arrived, is aimless at the plate.

Tonight the Phils are rained out, which is good since I'm going to the Flyers game. They try to avoid a losing series tomorrow when Cole Hamels faces RHP Anibal Sanchez at 1:35.

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