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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Worst NHL officiating/announcing of a Flyers game in a while

Dan Carcillo got a ten minute misconduct for coming to the aid of a teammate. Pretty sure he didn't even make unusual violent contact with a Canadien. The announcers proceed to describe the misconduct as a preventative penalty given to stop Carcillo from "going after players for his own amusement".

Next sequence, Hartnell crushes a Canadien in the corner. He did not take a stride into the player, but did push with his legs slightly prior to making contact. You know, pretty much the definition of a check. Apparently rigor mortise must set in prior to making contact with an opponent.

After this, Pacioretty of the Canadiens tries to send a message targeting numerous Flyers' players. Andrej Meszaros skated in to grab Pacioretty to stop him from hitting a teammate unfairly. Literally just grabbed him. Pacioretty drops his gloves in an attempt to fight Meszaros, but Meszaros just holds on, clearly not trying to fight. Penalty called? 2 minutes for boarding on Hartnell. The announcers try to justify the call by saying Hartnell "bunny hopped" into him. He kind of left his feet. He did no such thing. Not even close. 2 minutes for checking, but no penalty for a player dropping his gloves, and committing to a fight, which is the definition of a penalty.

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